Terms of Use

Please read and understand the # rules & regulations on this WEBSITE.

1. Always practice good manners & respect other members.

2. Discussing politics and religion is not encouraged. However, world emergency information and warnings are allowed.

3. Always stay active and socialize with other group members.

4. It is forbidden to incite other members & it is forbidden to create situations that can cause fights between members. An immediate BAN may be imposed.

5. It is forbidden to make religious and racial provocations.

6. It is prohibited to discuss and post illegal and inappropriate photos, videos and post any links to websites that contain nude or adult content.

7. It is forbidden to make a complaint on this website. You will be banned on all Amira social networks. Any complaints please whatsapp directly to Intan +60175959778

8. The management will not be responsible if any losses incurred during the use of this website. Please be careful who you deal with.

9. It is not allowed to make comments that could tarnish the official photo of Nur Amira Syahira. Immediate BAN to all social Nur Amira Syahira Official network channels will be imposed.

10. Post anything good as long as the topic is worthwhile and have a good discussion. The Administrator will evaluate irrelevant matters and will evaluate irrelevant matters and any disruptive or inappropriate posts will be removed at our discretion.

11. The NASO team is not responsible for any views and opinions expressed through this social site. These are the personal views of the account owner and do not necessarily reflect the views and what we stand for.

12. It is prohibited to misuse Nur Amira Syahira's official photo to make posters, website songs or other purposes. (Intellectual property law)

13. Arguing with an administrator means you are putting yourself as a candidate to be banned.

14. Even if you are a contributor, this does not guarantee that you will not be banned if you violate any of the rules here. No money will be refunded if you have been banned.

15. Thank you for purchasing a subscription to our service on Githew.com. All package purchases on this website are a contribution and a sign of your support to Nur Amira Syahira and this website to remain active and keep this website alive. No refunds.

16. Rules may change from time to time.